A.Neither … Nor

1.Neither the students nor Toni is watching TV now.
2.Neihter my friends nor my mother sweeps the floor.
3.Neither Ali nor Ahmad likes football.
4.Neither I nor you will be able to finish this work.
5.Neither my sister nor my brothers are in Makssar.
6.Neither Tommy nor Tommy’s friends are going to visit me tonight.
7.Neither Thomas nor his friends do not come to the party.
8.Neither Riko nor Ahmad comes to school late.
9.Neither Eti nor I like this course.
10.Neither Yayat nor two of his friends are attending the class now.

B.Either … Or

1.Either Toni or the Students are watching TV.
2.Either my mother or my friends sweep the floor every day.
3.Either the cats or the dog eats the fish.
4.Either she or you are smart.
5.Either Alex or his sisters have washed the dishes.
6.Either Tommy or Tommy’s friends are going to visit me tonight.
7.Either you speak English or you go back.
8.Either Sally or her friends are Junior High School students.
9.Either Rika or Mia forgets to bring dictionary.
10.Either Juli or Jenny has seen the Ayat-Ayat Cinta

C.Both of…

1.Both of the cars are too expensive to buy now.
2.Both of them are hungry.
3.Both of these jackets are good.
4.Both of us were frightened.
5.Both of these restaurants are very good.
6.Both of them the girl had a pretty face.
7.Both of them are very smart boy.
8.Both of them are very tasty food.
9.Both of them home are very large.
10.Both of them the car was broken.

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